About Us

StoreType is your trustful partner to provide anything you need to create a beautiful and successful online store.

Managed Solution

Running a online store is full of challenges, how to get started is always the most difficult part. Leave the boring implementations to us and focus on your own products. You will be assigned a human account manager you can talk to, and she/he will help you on both technical and business aspects of the online store, e.g.

  • set up a modern & professional looking online store
  • assists you to market from various channels, search engines, display ads, social networks etc.
  • analyze your customers' behaviour, reduce customer retention & spread your reach
  • review your store's performance continuously and react accordingly

You don't need to have prior experience in e-marketing and definitely no technical knowledge in setting up an online store is required - we believe if you can run a store, there is no reason why you can't own a online store. We will back you up and get everything ready for you!

No Upfront Fees

We don't charge for any upfront fees or management fees when you choose to partner with us. Our revenue is based on the commission of sales and therefore we really want to help you to get succeed and have a sustainable online business - we never wanted you to be our customers, we want you to be our partner! and this is our core philosophy.

The reason behind this philosophy is obvious - setting up a barely workable online store is not rocket science but a sustainable online store requires continuous efforts, so, an IT solutions company sell you one time project for a online store usually can't last long. Second, running a online store contains many aspects other than the technical side such as the store hosting or payment gateway - the intellectual side of the online business is usually the weakest part of a technical platform provider. Even worst, some might even upsell you the features you don't need in order to charge more as you are their customers.

Type of Solutions Setup Costs Operating Costs Flexibility to your business Continual Improvement Business Development
Developed in-house High High High Maybe Maybe
Developed by contractor (one-off) High Unknown High Unknown None
Ecommerce hosting None or Low Low None or Low None or Low None
StoreType None Commision Based Flexible Yes Yes

We do think our current model of revenue sharing is the only way to create a sustainable business and a win-win situation in long term.

Fast & Beautiful Store

This is the year of 2014 and your customers would have higher expectations on the online shopping experience. Loading time affects your search rankings and sales. Beautiful & high quality online store, together with mobile devices compatibility is the key to the future of online shopping. On the technical side of our solutions, we provides

  • Features Highlights

    1. Responsive Design - Support both desktop & mobile devices with one store setup; no matter you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry etc. All supported.
    2. Fast & intuitive interface - Break the barriers that slow down your customers from purchasing online, make it effortlessness & enjoyable.
    3. SEO by default - Customers make a purchase without a search is uncommon and search engines are often your best sales lead.
    4. Real-Time Analytics - Know what is happening right here, right now. Make you decision now and know the results in the next minutes.
    5. Conversion driven - Focus your resources on matters that yield the highest returns, discover the hidden gold eggs of your business.
    6. Multichannel marketing - Both traditional (e.g. newsletter) & emerging channels such as social networks are all vital if they can lead to conversion.
    7. SSL Security - Give your customers the confidence to purchase online securely using the industry grade security.
    8. Designated Account Manager - Your account manager will monitor and partner with you on how to boost the revenue continuously.

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